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Jurisdiction II: Global Networks/Local Rules

September 11-12, 2000
San Francisco, CA

Speaker Biographies

Taizo Nakatomi

Principal Administrator
Information, Computer and Communications Policy Division, OECD

Taizo Nakatomi joined the OECD in 1999 as a principal administrator in charge of information security and authentication. He is co-managing the activities of WPISP (Working Party on Information Security and Privacy) and acts as its Secretary.

Current works under his responsibilities include preparation of a report to Ministers on implementation of the Ottawa Ministerial Declaration on Authentication that includes a survey on form requirements in Member countries, preliminary works on reviews of 1992 OECD Guidelines on Information Security and 1997 OECD Guidelines on Control of Cryptography Technologies.

He had been working for MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) Japan since 1981 before he joined the OECD. In MITI, he worked in various areas including information technology, energy and environment. Most recently, he was the Director for International Information, Computer and Communications Policy Office of MITI.

He completed his postgraduate study in Kyoto University with a master degree in nuclear engineering. He also acquired MBA in New South Wales University in Australia with emphasis on studies of economics on resources and energy.


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