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Jurisdiction: Building Confidence in a Borderless Medium

July 26-27, 1999
Montreal, Canada

Speaker Biography

Natalie James

Project Manager, Internet Commerce and Competition Project
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Natalie James is the coordinator of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Internet Commerce and Competition Project. She has held this position since March 1999. The role of the project is:

To enhance the welfare of Australians by fostering consumer confidence and participation in e-commerce through:

  • the promotion of fair trading and the provision of consumer protection to those participating in e-commerce; and
  • the promotion of competition amongst those providing goods or services necessary for consumers to participate in e-commerce.

The project includes developing strategies, to overcome the difficulties in enforcing the Trade Practices Act (TPA) where the conduct of concern is occurring via the Internet. This includes developing forensic and litigation strategies for the ACCC's Internet cases and developing strategies to overcome the problems that arise when Australian consumers are the victims of conduct which involves Internet sites hosted in other jurisdictions.


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