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Jurisdiction: Building Confidence in a Borderless Medium

July 26-27, 1999
Montreal, Canada

Speaker Biography

Kazunori Ishiguro Professor
University of Tokyo

Academic Background: Graduate from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, in March 1974.

Professional Career: Research Associate of the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, since April 1974.

Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, since November 1977.

Professor of the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law (leading the chair of Economic Law: Conflict of Laws), since July 1991 to date.

(Served as a long-term researcher abroad for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture from August 1981 until June 1982, conducting research mainly on International Contract Law and International Financial Law in Basel, Switzerland.)


Private International Law, International Civil Procedure Law, International Economic Law, International Financial Law, International Telecommunications Law, International Tax Law, International Intellectual Property Law, Law vs. Economics, etc.

Concurrent Positions:

  • A member of Tariff Council since September 1996 to date.
  • A temporary member of Industrial Property Council since December 1998 to date.
  • A temporary member of Industrial Structure Council since April 1992 to date.
  • A panelist on the Indicative List of WTO (Sectoral Experience: GATT / GATS / TRIPS) since 1996 to date.
  • A member of the Panel of Legal Experts for INTELSAT since October 1994 to date.
  • A Director of International Economic Law Association of Japan since May 1991 (Vice-President since November 1997) to date.
  • A specialist member of Post Council since February 1997 (until September 1997).
  • A special member of Transportation Technology Council since November 1996 (until November 1997)
  • A specialist member of Telecommunications Council since May 1993 (until September 1994) and since October 1994 (until May 1995)
  • A temporary member of Economic Council since April 1993 (until January 1994) and since September 1994 (until March 1995)
  • A specialist member of Telecommunications Technology Council since May 1991 (until May 1995).
  • A visiting scholar of Bank of Japan, Financial Research Institute, since June 1994 (until May 1995)

Main Publications (in Japanese):

[Books {English Titles}]

  • "Legal Warnings Concerning Revitalizing The Japanese Economy: Against The Economic Fundamentalism" (Bokutaku-sha 1998)
  • "Law vs. Economics" (Iwanami-Shoten 1998)
  • "Cross-Border Problems on Intellectual Property Rights - Cyberspace vs Real World" (NTT Publishing Co. Ltd. 1998)
  • "Toward The Establishment of Global Information Infrastructure: Sovereign States, Encryption & Electronic Money" (NTT Publishing Co. Ltd. 1997)
  • "The U.S.-Japan Trade Friction on International Airline Services (1952-1997)" (Bokutaku-sha 1997)
  • "Trade Frictions and Japan's Future" (Bokutaku-sha 1996)
  • "International Civil Procedure" (Shinsei-sha 1996)
  • "The U.S.-Japan Comparative Study on the Nationwide Construction of B-ISDN Networks and Local Communities" (Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, Assembly Bureau 1995)
  • "International Financial Bankruptcy" (A Collaboration: Keizai Hourei Kenkyukai 1995)
  • "Conflict of Laws" (Shinsei-sha 1994)
  • "Legal Aspects of International Economic Conflicts: Japan as a Ship without a Compass" (Chikuma Shinsho 1994)
  • "Dreams and Strategies for the Information Superhighway in U.S. & Japan and the World Telecom-Regime" (NTT Publishing Co. Ltd. 1994)
  • "Some Suggestions on Trade Frictions" (A Collaboration with Professor Motoshige Ito: NTT Publishing Co., Ltd. 1993)
  • "International Civil Litigations in Japan" (Nihon Hyoron-sha 1992)
  • "A Warning Concerning the Emerging Borderless Economy Vo. II" (Cho Keizai-sha 1992)
  • "Cross-Border Environmental Pollution" (Bokutaku-sha 1991)
  • "A Warning Concerning the Emerging Borderless Economy Vol. I (Chuo Keizai-sha 1991)
  • "International Perspectives over Information, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Rights" (Kokusai Shoin 1990)
  • "GATT Uruguay Round" (NIRA 1989)
  • "States and Corporations in International Antagonism" (Bokutaku-sha 1988)
  • "The Antagonism between Private International Law and the Law of International Civil Procedure: (Yushin-do 1988)
  • "Reformation of International Telecom-Regime and Japan's Future" (NIRA 1987)
  • "International Financial Transactions Vol. 2 [Legal Aspects]" (A Collaboration, Yuhi-kaku 1986)
  • "Modern Conflict of Laws in Japan, Vol. 1" (Tokyo Univ. Press 1986)
  • "Private International Law" (Yuhi-kaku 1984, revised and expanded edition 1987, new edition 1990)
  • "Financial Transactions and International Litigations" (Yuhi-kaku 1983)
  • "A Guide to International Family Law" (Yuhi-kaku 1981)
  • "Interpretative Structure of Private International Law" (Tokyo Univ. Press 1980)
  • "Yujin (Playing Gods)", an Anthology of Haiku (Seibun-sha 1975)
  • "Yujin (Playing Gods) II", the Second Anthology of Haiku (Seibun-sha 1985)

[Major Essays]:

  • "Legal Viewpoints Toward the Emerging Borderless Economy" published monthly in Trade Journal (Japan Tariff Association) since the July of 1991 issue. (The 97th in series is recorded in the July 1999 issue).


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