Brian Roundtree

Action Engine Corporation

Mr. Roundtree is the founder of Action Engine Corp, a Redmond Washington based company that offers an innovative mobile web services platform. In 2000, he was named a Computerworld Smithsonian laureate for the Action Engine technology, which is currently being deployed by several wireless carriers worldwide.

With regards to wireless security and privacy, Mr. Roundtree has been actively involved in developing technical solutions for mobile services. Brian has spent the past three years working to solve many of the technical issues that have come along with the wide spread use of wireless technologies, including WIFI and GPRS.

Prior to founding Action Engine, Brian was the Advanced Technology Director for CIBA (now Novartis [NVS])ís, where he invented several new advanced composite manufacturing processes and played a key role in designing new automated manufacturing processes.

At age 15 Mr. Roundtree began attending the University of Southern California where he studied both business and physics. While at USC he won both scientific awards from the National Science Foundation for his research in super-conductors and business achievement awards for his entrepreneurial activities.

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