Vincent I. Polley

Deputy General Counsel, IT and Development
Schlumberger Limited

Vincent I. Polley has been with Schlumberger Limited for 18 years, and is Deputy General Counsel for IT and Development. Schlumberger is a $14 billion multinational oilfield and IT services company with 85,000 employees in over 100 countries. Mr. Polley has offices in Houston and Paris.

A graduate of Harvard College (mathematics), Mr. Polley received a law degree from the University of Michigan. He was in private practice in Washington, D.C., and has held a number of positions with Schlumberger involving software and systems, information technology, smart cards systems, and administration. Mr. Polley is the incoming chair of the ABA's Cyberspace Law Committee, and is profiled by the ABA. Mr. Polley serves on the executive committee of the Internet Law & Policy Forum ( and on the executive committee of the Center for American International Law's newly formed Institute for Law & Technology, and consults for startup and Fortune 50 companies on issues of international IT legal policy and knowledge management processes.

As Chair of the ABA's Cyberspace Law Committee, he helps direct its 1,500 members who are working on all areas of IT-related law (e.g., electronic contracting, piracy and privacy, IT security and counter-terrorism, web-based consumer protection, etc.). The Committee is the fastest-growing committee in the ABA, and operates through seven subcommittees that author books and articles, draft model laws and "best practices", and deliver presentations and speeches. Mr. Polley is the editor of "Model Corporate Policy For Employee Use of the Internet and E-mail, with Country by Country Commentary" (ABA Press, summer 2002)

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