Åke Nilson

Managing Director
Marinade Limited

Åke holds a Master's degree of Laws, from Uppsala, Sweden. Throughout the 1980s, he worked in the London marine insurance market. In 1988, Åke founded Marinade Limited, an electronic commerce consultancy, in London.

Through Marinade, Åke was involved with many notable e-commerce projects for international trade, including Bolero, where Marinade took the initiative from its original concept as a project to design an electronic bill of lading in 1991, through a pilot system sponsored by the European Commission to the commercial bolero.net joint venture between SWIFT and the TT Club.

In 2000, Marinade extended its range through the formation of Allagraf Limited, the purpose of which is to provide secure applications for international trade, enabling those involved in this arena to move their business processes from paper-based methods to a fully electronic environment.

Åke has been closely involved in the design and development of Allagraf's two current products Quaynotes, a user interface for the bolero.net system and Paction, a web-based contract negotiating tool implementing the ICC's International Model Sale of Goods Contract.

Having chaired the ICC's Electronic Commerce Project 1995-2001, he continues to work closely with the ICC and other international organisations, writes for the trade press, lectures occasionally at university level, and speaks regularly at conferences and seminars.

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