Takato Natsui

Legal Informatics
Meiji University

Takato Natsui is a professor of Legal Informatics at Meiji University Law Faculty and Meiji University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo, Japan. He obtained his Bachelor of Economics degree at Yamagata University in 1978. He was an assistant judge at Nagoya district court in 1983, an assistant judge at Morioka district court in 1985, an assistant judge at Chiba district court in 1988, a director at Sendai district court Kesen-numa branch in 1991, an instructor of Civil Laws at Court Clark Instruction Institute of Japanese Supreme Court in 1993, a chief instructor of Civil Laws at Court Clark Instruction Institute of Japanese Supreme Court in 1994, a judge at Tokyo district court in 1995, and he became a professor at Meiji University in 1996. He is also an attorney at law registered at the Tokyo Bar Association in 1997.

Professor Natsui's major areas of concern are legal informatics, legal philosophy and Cyberlaw, especially the analysis of legal information, legal database development, cyber crime, electronic commerce, electronic signature law, intellectual property rights relating to digital contents, and legal procedures using the Internet.

He has been a representative of the Cyberlaw Study Group Japan and the Legal Informatics Study Group Japan. In 2002, these study groups were combined and reconstructed as a new academic association called the Information Network Law Association Japan of which he is a vice-chair.

Professor Natsui was a board member of the Japanese Association of Law and Computers and is a member of the Cyber Criminal Legislation Study Group at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

He has also been a project leader of SHIP project (Social, Human and Information Platform project) that is a progressive study project for developing XML based legal database systems funded by Meiji University and the Japanese government. His latest English publication (editor) is "SHIP Project Review 2001 (2001)".

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