Robert Leathern

Senior Analyst
Jupiter Research

As analyst, Rob Leathern covers online payments. His research focuses on using the Internet to enable and streamline financial transactions for consumers and businesses, and he has examined end-user authentication, privacy and security, and specific payments applications. In addition, Leathern has previously covered online marketing strategies and technologies for retailers and financial services companies. This coverage has included consumer privacy, online loyalty strategies, shopping tools and multichannel selling. He has also been responsible for consumer adoption forecasts and projection models in the Internet commerce and technology areas.

Leathern has been a guest speaker at industry events and academic institutions, and is frequently quoted in major media outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN, The Associated Press, Reuters, BusinessWeek, American Banker. Leathern joined Jupiter Media Metrix in May 1999. Previously, he was an investment banker at Furman Selz in New York, first in general corporate finance, then in the firm's healthcare corporate finance group, where he worked on mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and equity offerings for emerging biotechnology and medical technology firms.

Leathern earned bachelor's degrees in computer science and economics from Dartmouth College. He lives in San Francisco.

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