Andrew Konstantaras

Executive Director

Andrew Konstantaras is Executive Director of the Internet Law & Policy Forum and the primary public spokesperson for the ILPF. In this role, he contributes directly to the legal and policy debate surrounding the development of the Internet and global e-commerce. He is responsible for the organization and conduct of all working groups and workshops, annual meeting and conferences, membership development and fundraising and maintaining the daily operations of the organization. Konstantaras brings sixteen years of experience in programming, public policy, financial services, and legal and regulatory issues surrounding technology and electronic commerce to his post. He has been a leader in the Internet law and policy community for the past seven years, speaking at international conferences and working with governments all over the world.

Before joining the ILPF, Konstantaras was the vice president of marketing and general counsel for Asta Networks, a network reliability company.

Prior to Asta Networks, Konstantaras was a principal at X-net Group, a consulting group that advises companies on electronic commerce and financial services on the Internet. Prior to starting X-net, Konstantaras was the Chief Marketing Officer at BankInfinity, an Internet-only bank. Before joining BankInfinity, Konstantaras was Vice President at CertCo, in charge of the product management and development team. Prior to CertCo, Konstantaras spent four years as vice president and legal counsel for Visa International Service Association, where he provided legal and regulatory advice concerning VISA's implementation of Secure Electronic Transaction ("SET") protocol, including digital signatures, Internet jurisdiction, and cryptography for worldwide electronic commerce. Konstantaras holds a bachelor's degree in physics and chemistry from Grinnell College, and a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.

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