Takashi Kanayama
NTT Communications Corporation

Mr. Kanayama is a specialist in telecommunication regulatory issues and has most recently focused on Internet-related legal issues such as e-commerce law, spam mail, and intermediary liability of ISPs.

He is currently Associate Manager in the Corporate Planning Department of NTT Communications, an NTT subsidiary. In this position, he is responsible for regulatory affairs including conditions and tariffs for NTT's telecommunication services. NTT Com is the largest long-distance telephone service provider and also the third largest ISP in Japan.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Kanayama worked in the Legal Department of NTT, where he completed a feasibility study on introducing Caller ID, focused particularly on privacy and data protection. In this capacity he co-authored "Calling Line Identification and Privacy" for NTT.

Previously, he served in the Administrative Management Offices of the Japanese Government, where he worked to develop legislation of a freedom of information act for Japan.

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