Andreas Goeckel

Senior Legal Counsel
Deutsche Telekom AG

Andreas Goeckel is a Senior Legal Counsel with Deutsche Telekom AG and heads the Practice Area "Internet and electronic commerce". Mr. Goeckel started his professional career in 1994 as Legal Counsel with Deutsche Telekom at the Heidelberg Branch Office. 1995 he moved to Deutsche Telekomīs Headquarters in Bonn as Senior Legal Counsel, responsible for telekommunications- and regulatory law as well as international contract law and since 1996 mainly internet and multimedia-law related issues as well as global litigation.

Mr. Goeckel is a frequent speaker on internet and multimedia-law related issues in national and international venues and co-author of several books and magazine articles dealing with these issues.

Mr. Goeckel is Member of the Board of the FSM e.V., a Grman multimedia self-regulatory initiative, Chairman of the working group on self-regulatation of BITKOM, the german IT-industry organisation and a member of the ETNO working group on content liability. In February 2002 Mr. Goeckel was elected Chairman of the Internet Law and Policy Forum.

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