Barbara Fox

Senior Software Architect, Cryptography and Digital Rights Management
Microsoft Corporation

Senior Fellow
Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

Barbara Fox is a Senior Software Architect, Cryptography and Digital Rights Management for Microsoft Corporation. She is also currently a Senior Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. She serves on the National Academies of Science Committee on "Authentication Technologies and Their Implications for Privacy," the Technical Advisory Board of "The Creative Commons," and the Board of Directors of the International Financial Cryptography Association. Ms. Fox joined Microsoft in 1993 as Director of Advanced Product Development and led the company's electronic commerce technology development group. She has co-authored Internet standards in the areas of Public Key Infrastructure and XML security. Her research at Harvard focuses on digital copyright law, public policy, and privacy.

Immediately prior to Microsoft, Ms. Fox was President of SystemSoft America, a Macintosh software development company in Palo Alto, California, and in addition she was a consultant to Visa International. Between 1981 and 1984, she was Engineering Development Manager for AppleTalk at Apple Computer.

Ms. Fox's recent conference presentations include "Fair Use Friendly DRM?", at the 2002 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference; and "Internet TAO: The Microeconomics of Internet Standards-Setting," for the Workshop on Economics and Information Security, University of California, Berkeley in May 2002.

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