David Elder

Bell Canada

Since joining Bell in 1996, David Elder has dealt with a wide variety of matters relating to the regulation of broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada, as well as to developments in the areas of privacy, electronic commerce, security and new media.

Recent publications include "Changing Communications Regulation in the Information Age" (2000), 14 C.J.A.L.P. 153 (co-author S. Scott) and "Telecommunications Common Carriers and Subscriber Privacy: 'Collateral Damage' in the War on Terrorism?" (2002), New Developments in Communications Law and Policy, Law Society of Upper Canada/Canadian Bar Association. Prior to joining Bell Canada, David spent 6 years as Legal Counsel to the CRTC, working on both broadcasting and telecommunications issues and proceedings. He is a member of the Ontario Bar (1991) and holds an LL.B. from the University of Ottawa (1989) and a B.A. (Hons.) from York University (1985). He is Chair of the Security Committee of the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, a Member of the Steering Committee of the National Capital Association of Communications Lawyers and a member of the Canadian Bar Association.

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