Malcolm Crompton

Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner

Malcolm Crompton is Australia's third Federal Privacy Commissioner, appointed to the position for 5 years commencing on 20 April 1999. Mr Crompton is also a member of the National Health Information Management Advisory Council, established by the Federal Minister for Health, and a member of the External Advisory Board of the IBM Privacy Institute.

Malcolm's brief is not a simple one - to take privacy protection in Australia into the new millennium. He came to the role at a time where the Federal Government was looking to introduce a new approach to protecting privacy with a "light touch" legislative scheme applying to the private sector.

For this phase, Malcolm brought with him experience from a varied background. His work history spans a range of sectors. Most recently between 1996 and 1999, he was Manager of Government Affairs in Canberra for AMP Ltd, a major financial institution. Prior to this he led a varied career in the federal public service holding a number of executive positions in the Federal Department of Finance, including positions as Trustee of Superannuation Schemes. He also worked in the Transport and Health portfolios. An unexpected career path for someone who started his professional life as a research scientist.

Malcolm has a particular interest in online privacy issues and is relishing some of the challenges facing Privacy Commissioners in fulfilling their role in protecting privacy in this new global environment. He sees these challenges more broadly as an opportunity for rethinking governmental structures and the role of regulators in the new environment.

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