Drew Clark

Senior Writer
National Journal's Technology Daily

Drew Clark is a Senior Writer at National Journal Technology Daily, one of the first online news sources to cover the intersection of technology with politics and policy. For the past four years, he has closely followed the topic of law in the digital age — addressing the questions of privacy, intellectual property, free speech, cybercrime, and the Microsoft antitrust trial.

Clark is well-respected for his accurate and breaking news coverage of complicated legislative battles in Washington, including the surveillance provisions of last year's USA Patriot Act and the continuing debate over civil liberties and the proposed Department of Homeland Security. He has addressed privacy in the post-Sept. 11 environment as the featured guest on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" and as a speaker at the Consumer Federation of America's annual spring conference. In June, he moderated a Capitol Hill forum on cybersecurity and biometrics, and has kept on top of the multi-layered debate about financial, medical, and online privacy.

Clark is also been in the forefront of writing about the fight between Hollywood and Silicon Valley over copyright protections, including digital rights management technologies. He and fellow Senior Writer Bara Vaida wrote the Sept. 7, 2002, cover story of National Journal, the definitive history of the high-stakes lobbying battle over copy-protection legislation introduced by Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ernest "Fritz" Hollings. At the April 2002 Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in San Francisco, he moderated a debate about the future of copyright between John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Steve Metalitz of the International Intellectual Property Alliance. He has moderated similar panels hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, the New America Foundation, and the Cato Institute, and has been a guest on National Public Radio, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Prior to joining National Journal's Technology Daily in 1998, Clark was a staff writer for the American Banker daily newspaper, where he reported on the emerging electronic commerce marketplace, home banking, merger integration efforts by financial institutions, and preparations to combat the Year 2000 computer bug. He was a reporter for the Washington Business Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Weekly Mail of Johannesburg, South Africa, where his writings about the demise of apartheid-era laws won an H.L. Mencken Award from the Free Press Association.

His work in South Africa was followed by volunteer service as a missionary in Lisbon, Portugal, and the Cape Verde Islands. Clark graduated with Honors in Philosophy and Economics from Swarthmore College. He subsequently earned a master's degree in new media from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and assisted in the launch of The New York Times on the Web. He has also been an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Journalism at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. Clark, who lives in Falls Church, Virginia, with his wife and son, is an avid marathoner. Further information about National Journal's Technology Daily is available at www.technologydaily.com and his Weblog, updated daily, is www.drewclark.com.

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