Bennie Smith

Chief Privacy Officer

Bennie Smith serves as DoubleClick's Chief Privacy Officer where he is responsible for guiding privacy policies and practices across the company's various business units and geographies.

Smith works with clients that range from catalog retailers to Fortune 100 companies to institute effective privacy policies and is active in educating the public about DoubleClick's commitment to online privacy. In addition, he works with various organizations in the public sector to foster understanding of how the expanding presence of the Internet across all facets of our lives affects privacy.

Prior to being appointed Chief Privacy Officer, Smith was DoubleClick's Director of Business Operations and Privacy where he was responsible for establishing privacy practices and policies for the company's email technology division. During this time Smith was responsible for developing DoubleClick's opt-in email policies, which are some of the strictest and most effective in the industry. He was also part of a group that launched one of the industry's first email organizations, which led the way in establishing privacy guidelines for email marketing.

Before joining DoubleClick, Smith was the manager of Telecom Products for one of the TRS units of American Express, where he was responsible for creating the customer acquisition strategy and managing strategic partner relationships. Bennie started his career as a risk management specialist in the Global Risk Management group at Chubb & Son, Inc.

Smith is an active member in a number of organizations that promote privacy and sits on the board of the Responsible Electronic Communications Alliance (RECA). He graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in History.

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