Alex Alben

Vice President, Public Policy
RealNetworks, Inc.

Alex Alben is Vice President, Government Affairs, for RealNetworks with responsibility for managing global public policy and legislative issues relating to the company's wide range of software and media businesses. RealNetworks: At RealNetworks, Mr. Alben is responsible for policy matters involving the digital distribution of audio and video content and has testified on these issues before Congress and administrative hearings. From February of 1998 to July of 1999, Alben developed RealNetworks entertainment web services and music products, including Real Jukebox.

RealNetworks, Inc., based in Seattle, is the recognized leader in media delivery on the Internet with over 270 million users worldwide. The company develops and markets software products and services that enable Internet users to access music and video content on their personal computers and other digital devices.

Starwave Corp: From 1993-97, Alben served as Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Starwave Corporation in Bellevue, Washington, where he negotiated many of the underlying deals for Starwave's leading sports and entertainment online services.

Orion and Warner Bros: Prior to joining Starwave, he served for three years as Director of Business Affairs at Orion Pictures and for two years as Associate General Counsel at Warner Bros., primarily working on feature film financing, production and distribution.

CBS News: In his first job, Mr. Alben worked for CBS News as a researcher for Walter Cronkite during the 1980 Presidential election and as broadcast researcher for CBS Reports acclaimed documentary on the Vietnam War, "The Uncounted Enemy."

Teaching and Education: Mr. Alben is a graduate of Stanford University (Class of '80), with distinction, and Stanford Law School (Class of '84). In the current academic year (2001-02), Mr. Alben serves as an Adjunct Professor for the Internet Law survey class at the University of Washington School of Law and teaches a section of the advanced copyright course at Stanford Law School.

Boards and Activities: He currently serves on the boards of the Digital Media Association, Washington Council on International Trade and Stanford Law School's Law, Science and Technology advisory council. Alben writes frequently on copyright law and business issues relating to digital distribution of media. He has presented testimony on issues relating to digital distribution of video, e-commerce and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to the Copyright Office and various House and Senate panels.

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